Hawks lose three games at Maryland

Written by Volleyball

On Friday afternoon the team headed to Maryland on a “limobus” to face Pfeiffer, Stevenson University and Philadelphia Biblical University. Arriving late, we saw it as quite a challenge to beat Pfeiffer. That night we hand a team discussion and each stated what we thought we could bring to the team. With that in mind we woke up to face Philly Biblical the next morning. Unfortunately we did not win or go to 5 sets as we did the first time we versed them. Next was Stevenson who took the game from us in 5 sets (even though we won the first two). Our captain and coaches were very disappointed in us and we certainly deserved it. Ultimately we discovered that we have a really bad habit of losing games in 5 sets. Currently this will be our 9th time losing in 5 sets this season.

Why the shirt in the headline? A friend of mine Jarret Freeman gave it to me prior my departure on Friday. He currently is recovering from an injury in his knee, and will hopefully be back on the wrestling team in about two months. Little did I know he was on the Penn States Wrestling team during his freshman year in college (2008-2009). So he was at a women’s volleyball game and received this shirt. Claiming to have little use for it he decided to hand it over to me. Thank You.

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