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Winter in Jackson Heights

Several snow storms have hit Jackson Heights recently, but only a few left a lovely after effect. I took these shots in the heart of Jackson Heights Queens, on an early Friday Morning. I’ve come to learn

I love photography!

Self explanatory. I just felt like posting this picture.

Nike Air Jordan Collection

Today I decided to connect with my past and take some of my Air Jordan’s out of the closet. In particular I decided to take shots of the Cool Grey Air Jordan III’s, Aqua Air Jordan VII’s, and a blurred

Testing Canon EOS 60D

Here are some test shots with my Canon EOS 60d. They were taken on aperture priority mode with automatic ISO. Being a photographers assistant in weddings and bar mitzvahs, I can admit that my inspiration

Peach Diner

Peach Diner on Queens Boulevard was welcoming as I ate dinner with Tania and my mom. Food was great, loved the BBQ chicken and the burger. Most of all I loved spending time with my mom and seeing that