Campoutkid – Page 42
A walk on Roosevelt Island

Today was one of the warmest days in the year so far, and I took great advantage of it. Tania and I headed down to Roosevelt Island for a walk, and to check on “the pink flowers from last year”….

Fire Canon 60d with Nokia N900

Today I downloaded an application called pyKake, and used it to release the shutter on my Canon 60d. This app features basic shutter release and a bulb feature as well. It is free, and available in the

Spring is almost here

Today I went out for a walk with Tania, and took pictures of what I thought were signs of spring’s arrival. I began with what was right outside my apartment building and moved on to things which were

Hawks lose three games at Maryland

On Friday afternoon the team headed to Maryland on a “limobus” to face Pfeiffer, Stevenson University and Philadelphia Biblical University. Arriving late, we saw it as quite a challenge to beat Pfeiffer.

Demir’s birthday party

Today, Saturday was Demir’s birthday. I arrived at 7:15, and decided to stick with the children who were playing Xbox Kinect. I enjoyed myself greatly and learned a lot more about photography which I

Boston winter trip recap

Here is a selection of what I believe to be the best pictures on my winter trip to Boston. Overall I enjoyed the trip a lot, in my opinion a time off from reality is always a relief. Nonetheless we…

CUNYAC Multimatch at Hunter College

Today we played Lehman College and York College in a multimatch at the Hawks nest. After a good cycling warm-up we headed down to B3 Gym to take on Lehamn’s Lightning. The game began slowly since it was

Walk for the sunset

Today I went out for a walk and experimented with the ‘exposure lock’ function. This feature is essential when there are different exposure requirements in your image. I set the camera to properly expose

Long exposure attempt one

School has begun and I am short on time. Today I felt like messing with long shutter speeds. Nearing Valentines day I thought it would only be reasonable to make a heart from a strong light source. The

Lunch at the Jackson House Restaurant

I learned a lot more today about the importance of white balancing. I invited my mother and my lovely girlfriend to lunch at the Jackson House Restaurant. The place was much smaller compared to my favorite diner (Jahn’s). Prior to…

Late January snow storm

The snow storm during the night of January 26th closed schools and many businesses. My volleyball game was canceled, and postponed to a future date. I stepped out around 10am in the morning to snap some

Winter in Jackson Heights

Several snow storms have hit Jackson Heights recently, but only a few left a lovely after effect. I took these shots in the heart of Jackson Heights Queens, on an early Friday Morning. I’ve come to learn

I love photography!

Self explanatory. I just felt like posting this picture.

Nike Air Jordan Collection

Today I decided to connect with my past and take some of my Air Jordan’s out of the closet. In particular I decided to take shots of the Cool Grey Air Jordan III’s, Aqua Air Jordan VII’s, and a blurred