Campoutkid – Page 39
Photographer's shots of the game

Here are some shots taken by a photographer who attended Hunter’s volleyball game against the University of New Heaven on March 31st. After looking at the photos, I recall he was primarily using a 1D

Acquired coaches award

At this year’s athletic banquet I was awarded the men’s Volleyball Coaches Award, and received a certificate for maintaining a good GPA. Just as last year’s banquet we ate some food, heard some speeches,

Importance of post-processing

Though the left side isn’t edited fully, you can still get an idea of the importance of post-processing your images. Not only is the grass greener (due to increased saturation), but the color temperature

Xbox time with Demir and Efe

Today, my boss asked me to watch his children for about an hour, and due to their great company I simply couldn’t say no. They arrived at around one o’clock, and we began by playing C.O.D. Black Ops.

Narita Japanese Restaurant

Tania invited me to go try some Japanese food with her today at the Narita Japanese Restaurant in Forest Hills. I must say I was excited to try something new with her, and admit that I enjoyed it a lot.

Summer Plans

Classes are coming to an end, weather’s getting warmer, and summer’s approaching. All this has me beginning to think about my plans for the summer. Tania and I have come up with a list of things we

Long exposure attempt three

I took advantage of the nice weather and went out to take some shots. Tried to shoot the moon, and some car light trails. I will admit that the headlight-taillight shot did not come out as I hope it did.

Ming accompanies me to school

Ming and I decided to ride to school today. We met at 8 a.m. in Queens and pedaled our way through the streets, up the 59th Street Bridge all the way to college. It took no more than half an…

Long Island City in one hour

Tania and I decided to go for a run today, so I suggested that she drives me to Long Island city (since she had to go to class),and go to class while I take some pictures. I walked around for…

Mom’s birthday

Today is my Mom’s birthday! I bought here a keepsake azalea plant and plan to take her out to eat later in the evening. I’m already thinking what to get her for May 8th (mother’s day). Without a doubt,

Flushing Meadows after Spring Break

I went out one last time before spring break was over. Thankfully, the weather was warm, and we (Tania and I) were able to stay out for a long time. These are just a couple of shots I snapped along…

Touring Route 125 in PA

Felix, Tania and I drove west from New York to Pine Grove Pennsylvania. Once in Pine Grove we drove 32 miles through Route 125 all the way to Shamokin. It was a very twisty, scenic, calm, smooth, and nonetheless

We made easter eggs

Today Tania and I headed down to Ikea in Brooklyn to buy some furniture and curtains for her room. We then went down to an arts and crafts store to pick up some paint and brushes in order to paint…

Steef's into Photography.

As promised, Steef and I met up today and set out to Best Buy in search for a rubberized sleeve for his new Ipod Classic. Little did I know but Steef dove into photography just as much as I did….