Constitution Marsh and Indian Brook Falls

Written by Nature, Tania, Video

After about an hour trying to convince me, I finally got out of bed and went up north with Tania. She wanted to visit the Constitution Marsh Sanctuary which is just north of our beloved Peekskill Riverfront Park. We drove through the city and arrived there in about an hour and a half. Upon arrival we discovered that there are only 8 public parking spots available. The remaining roads were private and we couldn’t travel them. With our luck where were only 6 cars, but some of them occupied more than one spot (as there were no marked lines on the muddy ground). We waited about 10 minuites and a couple returned from their hike to move their car. They were very friendly, and even told us about a nearby waterfall (which we were already planning to visit).

I grabbed my drone, camera, and boots and walked down a hill to the marsh field. Let me add that Tania wanted to wear sneakers (before we left from Queens) but being the explorer I am I knew she needed boots (you’re welcome :P). Between us and the marsh was a lovely trail. There were times we failed to follow the blue trail markers and somehow made our own path through the snow covered hills.

On our way back we stopped by the river flowing by the small houses by the Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary. It was so peaceful. We then headed back up the hill to where we parked and proceeded in the other direction (towards the waterfall). It was fun getting to the falls. We had to walk along the Indian Brook River, and at times had to walk through the river (by stepping on rocks which it ran around – to not get our boot covered (cough cough) feet wet). There was a photographer on the scene when we arrived. By the looks of the equipement he was using he was taking long exposures of the waterfall. We patiently waited for him to finish and then I had some fun with the Holy Stone HS400 drone and my Xiaomi Yi camera: