Logitech K810 wireless illuminated keyboard

Written by Leisure / General, Technology

I’ve had my eye on this keyboard for quite some time. Just as every other purchase I have made, I usually take days, if not weeks to decide on if the purchase is right for me. I am glad I didn’t wait a day longer for this keyboard. This keyboard came out late in 2012 (6 years ago), but I feel it’s perfect for 2018.

It connects to my devices via Bluetooth and can connect up to 3 devices. It allows switching between devices with 1 button press (F1 through F3). This is particularly useful when you need to leave a long text while using your computer. It also has a backlight, proximity sensor, light sensor and much more.

Best of all I am happy it has a very slim and small form factor. It is somewhat of a 75 percent keyboard (a little bigger than a 60% but definitely smaller than a tenkeyless. I love the spacing between the keys. It definitely reduces the errors for me and allows for more support for my big hands than my logitech K800 did.

Best of all this thing is pretty small to take with me anywhere. I probably won’t take it but it’s nice to have that option.