Katimba 2017 Spring Playoffs

Written by Video, Volleyball

What a game. We battled like true warriors. Our semifinal match went to three sets after we lost our second set against Super Luigi Brothers. The energy level was off the roof. Brian didn’t let a single ball in his vicinity hit the floor, Andy was the great wall of Katimba, David was himself; an aggressive, ruthless monster with no mercy, Sammeet started bump setting to be humble and give the opponents a chance, Kiril was a sniper from the outside, and I was the total package managing to finish the game without a single double call. Ok, jokes aside the game was fun. Our opponent put up a good fight and we were neck and neck all the way to the finish.

Our final’s game went a bit differently than our semifinal match at 7pm. Maybe we got tired, or mentally drained, but it felt as though we all shut down. We ended up losing 2 straight sets to come out the 2nd best team from division one.

Here’s the footage. The start time of each set is linked in the description of each video. Just open it on YouTube. I also recorded the second semifinal match at 8pm.