NY Tech Meetup with Stanley

Written by Friends

I attended my 2nd NY tech meetup today. This time I thought of inviting Stanley. This time around felt a bit more dry and “tech-y” than the last meetup. Nonetheless there were still some interesting companies showcasing what they have built. What I find really amazing is when the youngsters present their project. There were 3 teams which created their projects after 24 hours of working on them. Specifically, Peerwifi, Drone Regulator and Readaccent took my eye by surprise. Only two students worked on Readaccent, one of which being a sophomore currently attending Bronx Science high school. Yes, high school! Truly amazing stuff. I was joking to Stanley by explaining to him that I probably could not come up with what they did, even if I had 24 months. Unlike last time I gathered the courage to go up to the networking session held on the 10th floor. This was great opportunity to ask some questions I had about certain projects and hear what the founders of these early startups had to say about their products. Can’t wait for the next meetup!!