My first NY Tech Meetup at NYU’s Skirball Center

Written by Leisure / General, Video

I decided to partake in my first tech meetup. I found out about NY Tech Meetup through an application called Meetup. NY Tech Meetup is a technical group which meets in NYU’s Skirball Center and has presentation on new and upcoming developments in the tech industry.

This tech talk addressed several companies (Sloth, Rukkus, Devpost, Connectidy, StarryInternet, Cosign, ShutterStock, Nex and Alice). Many of these tech companies are startups and most of them were in the mobile development field. It was good to be a part of such an intellectual bunch again. After graduating from Hunter College I never really took part of anything in my field of study. Today just gave me a refresher that my field is fulfilling and has a lot of different opportunities.

May 3rd will be their next meet up (same location). Tania has a final on that day, but I think I might attend with Moe since he is also in the tech industry.