Mo time with Moe

Written by Friends

Some good times with Moe today. I remember the days we played basketball together and hung out after class hours in high school. I recently connected with him again through Instagram and we decided to meet. We haven’t seen each since graduating High School (about 6+ years ago). I cant believe its been that long. To be honest I don’t even remember graduating college anymore (and that was only 2 years ago). We walked around the neighborhood for a while and chatted about our changed lives since Aviation High School. We both attended different CUNY colleges and he went along a similar path as myself. It always felt good reminiscing the past. We chatted about playing basketball at the YMCA, shop class, sneakers, and just how stress free life felt a few years ago. Well, times have changed and we are both growing up now. Luckily he still lives very close by and doesn’t immediately plan on going far soon so we definitely will have more “chill sessions” ahead. Tania was good friends with him during High School, so we were thinking the three of us could grab a bite together in the near future.