7-Train Shenanigans – The Drunken Master

Written by Leisure / General, Video

So I ran into this guy one day on my way home. He goes by the name of Twenty-four Seven (24/7). He is the one and only drunken master. I would much rather pay to see this guy everyday rather than seeing those “showtime” performers hit someone in the head while flipping through the air midway between Queensboro Plaza and Court Square. Mini mini mini (in a high pitch voice).

Here are some of my favorites:

“I love Mr Lincoln, know what I’m fu*kin thinking, you know what I’m drinking, see what I’m thinking?”

“I went to Lincoln high school in Brooklyn, when we were in high school I went to Brooklyn, I was a yard man genuine shop around king, super cannon on the pussy cat, pussy walk never talkin”

“I’m black and handsome, drunk and nice some. They say, “Yo can I have some?” Guess what? Can’t get some.”

“24/7, that’s my name, until you know my last name that’s my game.”

“I told you I would do this. I do this once. Not twice. This for you bums.”

I’m uploading this even though the man said “This is for you. It is not something to put in the video” (I’m guessing that was his way of saying cherish this moment).

Shot outs to the passenger who said “You gotta let them rock even if they are embarrassing themselves”.