Volleyball at 145th Street

Written by Friends, Tania, Volleyball

I guess my 70% chance of playing with Elvis was larger than I thought. Tania and I headed over to Riverbank State Park after work. As always she was a little bit nervous, but I assured here that there would be people there who played at her level. Elvis (the day before), even said there was an instructor who would help her improve her game.

Elvis told us to arrive at 7pm, and we were there around that time. I had played at this court back in when I was in high school. I remember the competition being good and since Elvis invited me I was sure that that would still be the case. I started stretching with Tania, and shortly after Eric Lodde walked up to me with a big smile across his face. It’s always good to see him. I saw other people from my high school days and even a player from the NCAA Men’s volleyball championship game.

We all started warming up, and the next thing I knew we proceeded into playing 4s (instead of 6s). There were so many of us there and I don’t know why everyone was so keen on playing 4s.

I was on the center court with the other players, and Tania was getting lessons on a different court. We were there for about 3 hours, and in that time I was only able to get two 25-point games in.

After we arrived, back in Jackson Heights I saw an interesting advertisement which caught my eye. Apparently, there was a sneaker exhibit in Brooklyn Museum. I immediately asked if they wanted to attend.