Cycling around the city with Tania

Written by Nature, Tania

With all the work I’ve had lately, I haven’t had time for anything. I finally decided to get my bike pumped and out for the summer. Tania came along with me as we cycled through Queens and into Central Park. We were planing on going to Central Park’s volleyball courts on 86th street (on the east side). We picked up some lunch to enjoy after we arrived on the courts. The courts on 86th street were closed so we were forced to cycle a bit south towards the sand courts. I figured someone will be there (since this part of the park was completely closed). Also I remember that there are two concrete courts alongside the sand courts.

Right after we arrived, I heard someone yell out my name. It was Elvis Rodriguez (my assistant volleyball coach during my time at hunter). He was on the sand courts with his family. I wasn’t ready for the sand since I didn’t have the proper attire, and I promised Tania that we would play on the beginner level courts. So after I finished my sandwich we took my ball out and began peppering (warming up).

We managed to get a game in before it was getting dehydrated. We went to say bye to Elvis and took our stuff to head back home. Elvis invited us to play some more v-ball at the courts up on 145th street (on the west side). I told him we would try to make it, but didn’t guarantee anything.

I didn’t want to return the same way we came. Therefore I told Tania that we should cycle through Randall’s Island instead. We have traveled that route in the past and it takes about the same time to get home.