Proposal Photoshoot

Written by Photography

I had an interesting proposal shoot today. The plan was to invite the fiancé-to-be into a photoshoot. I was the photographer who was supposed to guide her into the dressing room, and snap some shots of her getting ready. I was then to guide her into the set and snap pictures of her reaction as it all unfolded before her. Shortly after, the video cameras were to come out and capture her reaction.

I got this feeling she sensed it coming. She began asking questions about the shoot. I then tried to convince her that she was modelling for a magazine for her friend (who I’d never met). I  left to check on the set to make sure everyone was ready. The idea was to hang graphic illustrations of their (couple’s) memories together and have her walk into the setup.

Everything went as planned. She walked in to have a look around and was immediately engulfed. I started shooting her and within five minutes her future husband walked into the room and asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes!

I enjoyed shooting her in the dressing room. The light from the mirror fell perfectly on her face. Her choice of wearing a black dress was ideal. It matched with the dark frame of the mirror which allowed her jewellery and makeup to be more prominent.