Pre-halloween Dinner

Written by Recipes / Food, Tania

Tania was supposed to meet up with her friends, but their plans changed. Instead she asked if we could meet after work. I happily agreed. We both decided to check out Jack’s 99 cent store for some DVDs to watch on Halloween. I arrived 20 minutes earlier than her and literally went through every DVD on their rack. I picked out about 12 DVDs and sorted them in IMDB rating order before she arrived. Once she got there we went through the stack and watched some trailers to narrow the selection down to 4 DVDs. I then bought those movies and we headed out.

We took the bus to Queens Boulevard and decuded have dinner at Tangra. The bus ride was surprisingly quick (considering there might have been rush hour traffic). As we arrived at Tangra we changed our minds about the restaruant and felt we should have Thai food instead. We walked a few blocks east towards Yum Yum. Tania treated me to dinner and I later treated her to some desert (no pun intended). We had some sweets at Caffee Bene and then took the train home.