Better some than none

Written by Tania, Video

Tania has been really busy lately with school assignments, tests and work. Once she gets home she is also very busy with homework. So I decided it would be a good idea to walk home with her after work. We would meet by Columbus Circle or by the 59th Street bridge and walk for about 1 hour till we get home. I’ve done the trip several times in harsh weather, and even on a bike.

Alongside walking home together, we also took the train to work together. We both work in the city and can take the 7 train. I will be quite busy for the next two weeks (at work), and I hope we can squeeze some time in between to see each other.

I attached some pictures to this post which were on my camera since we started walking home from work. I figured it would be better to upload them rather than trash them out. Also, Tania’s random laughter at 00:58 was due to her mistakenly recording a video of herself rather than taking a picture (Haha).