A stroll through Astoria Park

Written by Photography

After this afternoon’s game Tania and I decided to take a drive up to Astoria Park. I gave her one of the VBLI shirts I won and kept the rest of the winnings for myself (hehe).

We took her parent’s car and parked along the East Side River on Shore Blvd. We came out of the car and I snapped some pictures of the 59th Street bridge. I’ve never captured it from this side before. The last time I was in Astoria Park with a camera I could barely see the 59th Street Bridge due to the fog.

I really like the way these shots came out. I shot them with a tripod in order to get a higher F-stop. The way the light reflects off the water really appeals to me. I really like the ice cream truck on the left side of the frame in the above featured picture. It would have been nice to get a train crossing on the Hell Gate bridge also, but who knows how long I would have had to wait for that.

We sat at a bench for some time and left when it got cold.