Cooking at Tania’s place

Written by Recipes / Food, Tania, Video

I went over to Tania’s place to have some of her world famous chicken avocado salad. We first met to go buy some ingredients we were missing as well as pick up some grilled chicken. It’s a quick recipe. Tania did all the cooking and the salad was ready in about 25 minutes. We ate it with her family and then watched a movie.

We also picked up a (not so) fresh coconut. I remembered drinking cold fresh coconut in Ghana as a child and thought that Tania should experience it too. Unfortunately, were didn’t pick out the best coconut. The Juice was not fresh and the meat was hard. But at least Tania got to try it. During the cooking and drinking of the coconut I could not resist but pretend to take pictures of her. She would pose to my videos and this was the result.