5th Year Anniversary

Written by Tania

I can’t believe it has been 5 years already. That’s the same amount of time I spent in High School. It’s also a bit more than 1/5 of my life (Credit: Felix :P). For some reason it has not felt like that much time. I guess that’s a good thing.

Tania and I met in the morning (after a traditional 1/2 hour delay from Tania). We exchanged Anniversary cards and then headed north towards Bear Mountain. We drive was pleasant and had little to no traffic. We stopped by the Fort Montgomery Historic Site in Highlands NY after I spotted it on Route 9W.

We parked the car and walked around a bit. Tania didn’t have appropriate footwear and was constantly being bitten by bugs (due to her natural sweetness) we didn’t hike too far. Next stop on the agenda was to fill up our tummies.

I originally (before we drove upstate) wanted to head over to Soundview Inn Long Island, but came to the conclusion that it was not worth the 2 hour drive. We pulled out the yelp application and decided to have some Mexican food on the eastern side of the Hudson River. As we were driving north to cross over the Beacon Bridge I again spotted a small string of restaurants to the right of us (alongside the Hudson River). They were in the town of Newburgh. We decided to pick a restaurant which had a patio and was moderately packed with people (since that was in indication it would be good).

We ate at Cena 2000, watched the passing boat traffic and Tania kept checking the score of the world cup (Germany vs Argentina). After the meal we walked along Hudson to allow the meal to sit. How did I forget to mention this? The meal was so amazing! I had ravioli stuffed with lobster while Tania went for the grilled chicken with vegetables. The food was just great.

Driving around in the car (and eating) got us both somewhat tired. We decided we would stop by in Tarrytown for some yogurt but after Tania took the wrong turn I thought it would be best if we just head back home and get yogurt there. We parked the car, bought some yogurt and ended the night with a movie at my place. I had a very happy 5th year anniversary!