All work and some play

Written by Photography, Video

I began the day by heading to B&H to purchase a seamless background for a photography shoot Jay had later in the day. I always love looking at the equipment on the shelves as I wait for my order to be processed. I then headed to the studio with the backdrop and had another routine day. We replied some emails and took care of some everyday tasks. Jay took me and another employee out for lunch. Was quite the surprise but I enjoyed it.

I then helped Bernie set up some equipment at Eddy (my former boss’ studio). We had the lights, backdrop, camera, and now all we needed was the model. I was initially supposed to photograph Azura, but after the details of the shoot were provided we realized that we were short on equipment. Therefore, Bernie was called to do the job. I enjoyed the experience of setting up the studio for the shoot. It was very different to the wedding day scenario I was used to. It’s always interesting for me to see what goes into setting up the shoot, and I am even more eager to see how the images came out. As we were setting up Jay had some words to say to the camera.

I had to leave early since my Urban volleyball league was meeting to play. This was where the real fun began for me. Unfortunately, we won 1 set out of 3, but it’s okay. We are all still learning our strengths and weaknesses since we are not all used to playing with each other.