Back at it again!

Written by Tania

It’s been a while since Tania and I have done something fun together. We decided to take a stroll through the city. But first she had invited me to the movies after she picked me up from work.

We saw Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. The movie was quite good and 3D glasses only made it more awesome. After the movie Tania and I made our way to the photo booth and used my camera instead of paying their $5 fee (Go economical couple!).

The movie lead to some dinner at Olive Garden in Times Square. Tania was eager to eat at a place with a view and that’s all I could think of in such a short time. We took some touristy pictures along the way. We of course took maximum advantage of free bread sticks and salad, but could not finish it in the end. Our waitress was nice enough to offer us a to-go box. I thought of giving the food to someone less fortunate.

As we walked uptown towards 68th Street, we snapped some more pictures, saw the preparation of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller, stopped by Radio City music hall, and managed to give away our Olive Garden bag.

I had a great time.