Bodybuilding update – Month 3 complete

Written by Fitness / Bodybuilding

Ah, its been three months already. I’ve come a long way. For some reason I don’t feel the short journey. Though I see progress when I look in the mirror it feels I’ve not come far enough. Luckily, the measurements think differently.

It’s been the same for the past couple of weeks. My workouts are almost identical. The only difference is that I have increased the weight for some exercises. For this reason I feel a lot stronger. To keep me going, I have switched motivation from Jay Cutler / Kai Greene videos to Ct Fletcher. I stumbled upon this guy while browsing reddit. He has been a power lifter for some time now and set the strict curl record in 1992 at 225lbs. You go Mr ‘I command you to grow’.

Keeping up in the gym has not taken any time away from my studies. I’m almost 1/2 way through the semester and I feel that my progress is good so far. Let’s see if I can keep it up.

Looking at the images, I feel that there is not much progress from the last month. I feel that the change is almost as subtle as it was after the first month. When comparing this month’s images to those from day 0 I can most certainly see progress (Mainly in my back). Not only have I gained a bit of weight (4+ lbs), but I can also see more definition in my body (especially my back). On the down side, according to the measurements I need to train my calves much harder (considering my right calve has not increased in size at all).

Something I am really proud of is my ability to bench 220lbs. I tried this weight last month and failed. But this month around I managed to pull it through. Gotta keep pushing to see how far I go.

– Left – 14 1/2″
– Right – 14 1/2″
– Left – 12 5/8″
– Right – 12 4/8″
– Left – 24 5/8″
– Right – 24 2/8″
– Left – 16 1/2″
– Right – 16″
– 48 1/2″
– 39 1/2″
– 33 3/8″
– 199.2 lbs