Bodybuilding update – Month 2 complete

Written by Fitness / Bodybuilding

It’s harder than I thought. For some reason this seemed to move a lot more progressively during my high school days. It’s not that I don’t see progress. The thing is, it takes a long time and hard work to see progress. There are days in which I don’t feel like doing anything. It’s becoming sort of tough, but I am pushing through. Thinking of the result is what keeps me going.

Compared to when I started, I most certainly see a lot of results. Some good and some bad. For starters, at least my body is becoming more proportional. Last month there was a difference of 4/8″ between my biceps. Strangely enough, my forearms were also significantly different in measurement. Albeit, it seems that this month things are beginning to shape up.

I am slightly concerned about my abs. Since I’ve been eating a lot (to gain weight). It seems that they are not budging. I feel stronger while doing situps, but the work is not directly proportional. Or maybe it is. For the near future I will focus on gaining weight. Maybe as the weather warms up I will begin jogging in order to tone up. Of course I won’t run as often as I used to, but I will try to burn some fat nonetheless. Wow, looking at that previous hyperlink, I cant believe the size of my biceps.

– Left – 13 7/8″
– Right – 13 6/8″
– Left – 12 2/8″
– Right – 12 2/8″
– Left – 24″
– Right – 23 7/8″
– Left – 16 1/8″
– Right – 16″
– 48 1/8″
– 39 2/8″
– 34″
– 196 lbs