The beginning of the end

Written by Leisure / General

Today was the beginning of my last year here at Hunter College. The experience felt a bit repetitive as I got off the F train. I began with Computer Architecture III and proceeded to meet Daniel Cohen next. At this stage in my major, all the faces were very familiar and I certainly didn’t feel alone. All went well until my 5 hour gap was before me. After Cohen’s class (Computer Law) I am scheduled to take Operating systems at 7pm.

I spent my time with Perasco in the library. We started with some lunch at subway and then found an empty table in the library to surf the web with our laptops. 5 hour. I surly can’t complain about not having enough time to do my homework now. I will try to utilize the time efficiently. Operating systems requires me to write code while Computer Architecture requires me to read quite a bit. 300 minutes should suffice in covering the material.

Once I got out (8:15pm) I headed to B3 to watch the volleyball team face NYU. Once I arrived the match was in its fourth set. Hunter was winning 2 sets to 1. Unfortunately, NYU managed to catch up and with in 5 sets. I managed to see Eric Barty, Chris Newcomb, and many of the returning players which I’ve missed so much. I was supposed to hang out with Stan-the-man-with-the-plan, but wasn’t able to get a hold of him after the match was over.

For now I will need to stay focused. I must complete my academic requirements, and ensure I complete them well.