Getting ‘Weider’

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I’ve done it once and I am hoping to do it again. I am starting bodybuilding the day of my last final exam (next Thursday). I used to lift weights back in high school (3.5 years ago), but stopped since the volleyball captain (at that time) was suggesting that it would get in the way of playing the sport. I agreed with him. I was indeed a bit stiff and could not move as freely as I did my second season. A large part was due to the fact of not stretching before exercising. I also never focused on doing very much cardiovascular activity. Furthermore, I have added a category to the blog (Bodybuilding), and will try to update it frequently.

Simple and sweet:
– I will work out at the gym in my basement 6/7 days a week (Sundays off).
– I will begin each workout with some stretching and then light cardiovascular warmup (treadmill).
– I will try my best to target specific muscle groups as I train. According to the pros online, it seems that targeting the muscle is very important in developing its physique.
– While starting, I won’t focus on what I eat. Anything goes.
– I am still debating whether or not to drink protein after each workout.
– Most importantly, I will try not to slack off.

To observe my progress (statistically), I have marked down my current body measurements:
I will make an update (pictures & measurements) on every 13th of the month.

– Left – 12 7/8″
– Right – 12 7/8″
– Left – 11 1/2″
– Right – 11 1/2″
– Left – 23 1/2″
– Right – 23 1/2″
– Left – 16″
– Right – 16″
– 47″
– 37 1/2″
– 33 1/2″
– 193 lbs

(I’m surprised to see that my body is more symmetric than I thought)

I don’t want to go into much detail (web design issues) describing my workouts, but I thought I should list the body parts I plan to work out on particular days: