Walking through the storm

Written by Mom, Nature, Video

As we sat home and looked at updates online and via the television, my mom and I decided that it was time to face the storm head on. We suited up with boots and other items to keep us dry. We started by walking towards Northern Boulevard. The winds weren’t too bad. Thankfully, we had tall buildings to break the wind for us as we walked. It was a bit rainy though. On the way we noticed a fallen branch.

Overall, Jackson Heights doesn’t seem to be hit badly, but who knows, they say the worst is yet to come. We passed by my junior high school, and then by the park on 78th street. It was there I interviewed my mom and asked her about her thoughts on the storm.

Our pants were quickly getting wet as the wet wind blew against them. As we left the house she wanted to buy some Chilean tangerines, therefore I had suggested that our next stop should be 37th avenue. We first bought the fruit, and then headed over to a local bakery. My mom bought me some cannolis and some rainbow cookies for Tania and her Family. We walked them over to her house and then I headed home. I parted ways with my mom on 82nd street since I wanted to photograph an empty MTA station. I walked up 83rd street and then headed up the 82nd street 7 train station stairs. It was a bit unusual to see it empty.

But there still was one unanswered mystery. Are colleges going to be open on Tuesday after the hurricane? I found that question answered shortly after entering my apartment. Since the public transportation system was not operating on Tuesday, Bloomberg had called off all public school classes. Luckily, CUNY colleges have the day off on Tuesday as well. Oh Yeah!