Summer’s gone with the wind

Written by Leisure / General, Tania

Summer’s last breath is upon me once again. Classes began about three weeks ago, and I don’t quite like they are in session yet. Tania and I decided to check out one more restaurant before summer was officially over.

We drove up to Ossining NY, to have a taste of some Mexican cuisine and then drove south to the Dobbs Ferry Metro North train station to have enjoy some sweets and coffee. We arrived at 10pm ready with our sweaters on. It was a bit chilly, but we still decided to sit by the gazebo to enjoy our warm coffee. Sitting down, we could see the powerful lights of New York City spilling over the mountains and onto us.

I got the idea to take a picture of us making a heart with our hands. I love the stars in the background. Speaking of starts, Tania and I both witnessed a shooting star. It was hard to believe, but it was before us. It lasted shorter than a second and seemed as though it was very close to us. Scientifically referred to as a meteor, these little rocks make their way into the atmosphere, speed up and then burn out. Tania told me that they are quite common in Chile, but this was probably the first time I have seen one.

We spent some time walking along the shore, and then decided to wait at the benches of the train platform. On our way there I spotted a dropped red GTI. I thought it looked very mean and deserved some time with my sensor. Something about GTIs just makes them very photogenic. I snapped some shots, and then kept going. We chatted at the train stop for about 20 minutes and then headed back to NYC. On or way there we tried to avoid tolls (my idea). Similarly, after crossing the Whitestone bridge, I had told Tania that we should stay off I-87. Instead we took the Sprain Brook Parkway. Well, I guess when you’re not in a rush then there’s nothing quite like “beating the system”.