Exercising with Felix

Written by Leisure / General

Felix hit me up today and asked if we could work out together. A bit intimidated at first, but realized his Mui Thai was no match for me. We began with different paces and workouts, but eventually performed similar workouts. It has been roughly 2 years since we were last in the gym working out. Reminiscent of the days we used to work out together, I think we had a good workout.

As during any workout, we began to catch up on things. Forgot where we started, but we ended up discussing employment opportunities and our future. I kept bringing up my opinions on the power of computing, and how computer will soon take over many jobs. We talked a bit about stocks, YouTube successes and other computer related topics.

Nevertheless, I got a good workout and I feel he did as well. I also tought of how quickly time passed us by. I remember being a young boy entering the 7th grade. Sitting alone at my lunch table, Felix and I began talking about the fact that I was Ukrainian. Here we are now, young adults. While Felix continues applying for a job, I am finishing the last year of my undergrad degree. Hope all goes well for the both of us.