Movie before the shoot

Written by Leisure / General, Tania

Before we headed out to shoot at Randell’s Island, we decided to watch a movie and munch on some guacamole. I must say, Tania makes really good guacamole. Just as I did the week before, I decided to buy some Russian cheesecake desserts.

Tania bought two movies. We decided on “The good shepherd”. After the guacamole, we downed the Russian treats. Just as two bears would be, we were sleepy after the food. Also, the movie was a bit hard to pay attention to since we were munching away. All I could recall was Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon getting married. The rest was a big blur. We decided to stop midway and head out to shoot. Aside from being exited, I was a bit anxious as well. Concerning the movie, we will be re-watching it hopefully. Plus we have the second film to watch as well.