Review of The Sagamore Resort in Lake George

Written by Leisure / General, Video

With all the countless hotels I’ve stayed in (work and sports related), I have to admit that nothing came to the Sagamore Resort in Lake George. This place is a hidden paradise away from it all. I am so glad that Tania chose to surprise me by staying here. It was one of the greatest experiences I could have received.

The staff was welcoming. We arrived 1.5 hours early and were still allowed to check into our rooms. Each employee, from the doorman to the cleaning staff were dressed in uniform. The place had countless amenities, most of which are available to any class of room one purchases. The great thing about this place is that it is on its own island. This means that you don’t have to share the place which anyone except those paying for their stay. This meant a more peaceful stay. As friendly and pleasant as Lake George already was to me, I found that the people in the resort were even more pleasant. Of course, we were paying for it, and we better have received it.

After checking into our rooms we headed to tour the place. We found a volleyball court, a basketball court, a hiking trail, modern beach chairs to enjoy the view of the lake, boat rentals, multiple pools, a gym, several restaurants, and even a private boat (The Morgan) and many more attractions throughout the premises. The buildings, gardens, and location in general was very well maintained. There were several parking locations for different purposes, different employees for different tasks. Most importantly, when you asked for something to be done, not only was it done quickly, but you also received a call to make sure it was done well.

The rooms were very nice. The wooden accents throughout the room gave the space a comfy feel. We stayed at the cheapest room, yet we still had a porch, espresso machine, heat lamp in the bathroom, a customized TV welcome screen (with Tania’s name) and even a bed bench. The only negative to the entire stay at the resort was probably us finding some hair in our bedsheets. I’m sure that it was just a bad coincidence, but we had the sheets replaced and received plenty of apologies.

Unlike our stay at the Travelodge, this place felt very safe. Though we were on the basement level, I never felt that someone might be staring into our window. The best part was being able to navigate the grounds whenever we felt the need to. We didn’t need a car, nor did we need to use the Resort’s vehicle services.

Aside form the price and the hair incident, I will give the place a strong 9.5/10 rating. Staying here for a couple of days will most certainly please and relieve any person. We discussed returning, but we aren’t sure how likely that will be considering there are plenty other resorts (throughout the east coast) we haven’t checked out yet.