2012 Summer trip to Lake George New York (Day 4)

Written by Nature, Tania, Video

We were initially scheduled to leave back for New York City. We woke up early to enjoy our last day together. This day also happened to be our three year anniversary. I purchased Tania a card to commemorate our third year together. I honestly thought that Tania will get me something small. Little did I know she had a whole different agenda in mind. After giving her my card she responded by saying, “my gift is that we don’t have to leave today”. I thought that this was great. I was happy that we could spend one more day exploring Lake George. Shortly after, she had informed me that we would be staying at the Sagamore Resort in Lake George. After looking through her iphone, I was overjoyed with what we had coming ahead.

I quickly decided that we should get dressed, eat breakfast and check out of the Travelodge. We did just that. We checked twice to make sure nothing was left behind and we then headed towards the village of Lake George. We stopped by some souvenir shops to buy some gifts and then headed to grab an early lunch. We decided to keep our streak going (eating by the lake) by eating at the Lookout Cafe. We began with some cold smoothies. We then had some fries with their special raspberry sauce. I think this was the first time I had the two together. Shortly after entering, we were accompanied by a table full of children. We decided to move our table. The restaurant was not too accepting of this fact. We even spoke to the manager, but she didn’t seem convinced that customers come first. We ate our burgers, paid the bill, and departed from the restaurant.

After lunch we returned to purchase some gifts for people back home. Afterwards, we drove up north to the Sagamore Resort. We decided that we would arrive early and see what its grounds had to offer. Luckily, our room was ready in advance and we checked in early. After leaving our bags in the room we walked out to see what the place was like. We walked down its hiking path, we saw the restaurants, the pool and even the Morgan (their private boat which takes you around the island). We decided that we would take this time get our feet wet in the waters of Lake George. We went to the lake swimming area of the Sagamore and jumped in. It was a small swimming area, but it was better than swimming at the beach (I think).

After our swim we took a shower and headed out to buy some dinner. We decided to eat some pizza to wrap up the night. It was just the way I liked it. The crust was nice and thick.

One thing great about Lake George is the population’s friendly character (except the employees at the Lookout Cafe). Everyone is great. The town seems very family oriented and therefore kind in a unique way (which we weren’t used to in the city). From workers at the supermarket to people walking their dogs, we were always warmly attended to. After grabbing some snacks we decided to head back to the resort. Considering the prices of food at the resort, I realized why I saw many men with shopping bags during the evening (their wives were fed-up with the shopping). Tania and I planned to go out and watch the start that evening (since the resort had special grounds for that purpose). We lay in bed to pass the time. I saw Tania’s eyes closing for “just a little bit”, and decided that it was time to close mine as well. Little did I know I was too drained to get up to watch the stars. I noticed Tania was staring at me as I opened my eyes. I was unsure why, but I thought we should just both go to sleep. I completely forgot that we were supposed to watch the stars.