SriPraPhai Thai Restaurant

Written by Recipes / Food

To wrap up the day, we headed over to SriPraPhai restaurant in Long Island City. We were there once before, and haven’t tried it again for a while. This was due to the amount of spices and salt. To our surprise, this place was rated 1 or 141 (Zagat) for Thai food and 91% of its visitors enjoyed the food.

To cool us of we ordered some great non-alcoholic drinks. I had coconut juice while Tania had some black Thai iced tea. The drinks were great. Mine had some chunks of soft endosperm and tasked good (considering it probably was form a can). Tania’s tea was also pretty good.

We started of with some fried marinated pork strips as an appetizer. They were alright. Personally, I did not enjoy them that much. They felt good chewing on but the taste was not great. Luckily it came with some hot sauce which we used to add extra taste. One thing I really liked was the fact that the menu had pictures of what each dish looked like. The only negative was that many of the dishes looked very similar, and choosing was a bit difficult.

For the entree I had a chicken and papaya salad with dry shrimp and crushed peanuts over some rice. Tania had chicken with ginger sauce over rice. My salad was a bit strong in taste. The chicken with rice was decent. Once again I was fortunate to have some sweet sauce which made the meal more manageable. Tania seemed not to like her dish because of the heavy salt taste. I tried some of her chicken, and it did not seem that bad, but it was salted to a degree we weren’t comfortable with.

I can’t say that the food was bad (considering they were ranked 1st for Thai), but I can concluded that maybe we just don’t have the tongue for traditional street styled Thai food. The atmosphere in the place is somewhat comforting, and the employees seemed moderately concerned (took about 5 mins to get a refill of water). I guess our first experience with this place was a correct one. Though we gave it a second chance, I don’t think it is one of our favorites. Also, considering that many of the dishes looked alike, I think most of the meals have a similar taste. I think we will turn elsewhere if we crave some Thai food.

64-13 39th Avenue Woodside, NY 11377

  • Food Rating: 6/10
  • Service: 7/10
  • Atmosphere: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 6/10