Museum of Natural History

Written by Leisure / General, Nature, Tania

This was on my to-do list since last year. Tania had wanted to visit the museum to visit the Hayden planetarium. Unfortunately, when we arrived the tickets to the main planetarium were sold out. I guess we were fortunate to be able to catch the 4 minute long big bang viewing at the bottom of the planetarium.

We began our visit in the Big Bang Theater. It was there that I was able to capture the featured image picture. I set the camera on aperture priority and shot away at f/3.5. Pushing the technicalities to the side, I think the large screen displayed some images for my sensor.

We then began exploring the museum. Since some it was closed for repairs, we had to walk in a couple of circles until we were able to find out way around. We began by exploring the animal wing. In it we saw stuffed versions of many different animals. I have to say I was impressed by the creativity in each exhibit. The ground under the animals flowed smoothly into the paintings of their backgrounds.

The previous day’s events had us tired, and therefore we rested a bit between wings. Shortly after entering the museum, we heard a 30 minute closing warning on the public announcement system. We then rushed through the museum trying to see as much as we could. I remember seeing different advancements to New York’s landscapes, and other interesting natural information.

Overall the experience was good. It was definitely a plus to pay student admission (which is whatever you want it to be). As our 30 minutes came to an end, we came across Neil deGrasse Tyson at the exit of the museum. He was ending a presentation right under the planetarium. I didn’t know who he was, but I knew Reddit was fond of him. After his speech was over we headed out of the park and were greeted by the fresh smell of a garden full of rain.