5 pointz in LIC Queens

Written by Photography

After the organized Chilean Exhibition, we decided to walk around LIC a bit. Since we were close by, we decided to have a look at 5 Pointz in Long Island City. Upon entry, we saw a photo shoot taking place, and some graffiti artist doing what they love most. We walked along one side of the 5 Pointz building. First and foremost, one needs a license to spray the wall. This makes the artwork much more special. These guys take their time, and use better paints and tools. Most of all, their work is multidimensional compared to the tags sprayed on walls around New York City.

The colors are vibrant, the styles are different, and most of what is there is pleasant to look at. We spent about 20 minutes looking at what the place had to offer. We only covered one fourth of the entire place (one side of the building). If you ask me, this is graffiti done the right way. Instead of illegally tagging trucks, bridges and other such public property, this place (through pictures) spreads its vibe though social media. Additionally, the 7 train runs right above it.