VBLI beach tournament with Stanley

I headed over to Main Street Flushing with the 7 train, and then took the Q27 bus over to the shell gas station. Stanley then picked me up and we headed over to Dunkin’ Donuts for some breakfast. We then picked up Ashely and Mallory and headed into Long Island for some beach volleyball fun.

We arrived at 7:30. Glen (tournament director) and Stanley made an agreement. If Stanley came early to set up, then he nor I had to pay for the tournament. Since we both had our registration cards from last year, and we arrived early (as discussed) we did not have to pay.

Our pool had 5 teams (including ourselves). We were off for the first two games and then played in the third. Overall we did really well throughout the day. Out of the 10 sets we played the entire day, we only lost one. I felt that I did not want a repeat of what happened last year. Therefore, I played a bit harder.

Nonetheless, we ended up in first place and each received two shirts. The agreement also included lunch, so we snaked away during noon. Before leaving, the four of us played a game. I’m now very red and tanned. A really good tournament indeed.