Biking Central Park with Ming and friends

Written by Friends, Nature, Video

I set off for Central Park this morning with Ming and a couple of his friends. I first rode to Ming’s house in order to swap bikes. Since I have a mountain bike, I would not be able to keep up with them on their road bikes. Ming lent me his road bike for the day. Following the bike path we made our way over the 59th street bridge (Ed Koch / Queensboro Bridge). We then rode cross town towards Central Park.

We reached the park and waited for two more cyclists to arrive. We began riding roughly at 1:45pm. We all began together but slowly separated as time passed. I was with leading with Ming’s friend on the Bianchi. Ming was trailing only because he was accompanying his two other friends (one of which just purchased his bike yesterday).

Overall it was a fun time. It reminded me of the time I rode with Ming to class. They should be going again sometime during the summer. I would be glad to join them. I might even suggest to Ming that we take trips around the city in order to explore.