Long exposure at Flushing Bay

Written by Photography

For several weeks now I have been wanting to take this shot. I thought of this spot every time I ran past it in the summer, and tt has been on my mind for the past few days. Since the daylight is getting longer, I decided to grab my bag and tripod and head over to grab the shot. I walked for a bit and then caught a bus (to help reduce the time it took to get there).

I took out my tripod, mounted my camera, set the exposure, and took several trial shots. I find the one above to be the best. A cliche photograph indeed, but it was fun to capture. I love how some of the streaks of light do not extend all the way out to the right of the image (giving motion to the vehicles).

I then walked along the side of the bay towards the pier. I snapped a shot of a sunken boat and kept walking. I saw some unique architecture which looked like the head of a cat and decided to do something funky. I took a long exposure and walked into the frame. Looks a bit spooky. It’s titled ‘ghost-in-the-night’.

I wrapped up by taking the 7 train back home. Though the MTA does not allow tripods on their platforms, I could not resist snapping one last picture of City Field.