A photographic walk

Written by Photography, Tania, Video

Went on a walk similar to that of last week’s, except this time I was accompanied by Tania. I had given her my Nikkormat a while back and she agreed to learn it’s usage. She wrote down the exposure settings and we will review the images after the film is developed.

We began by taking a train to Roosevelt Island. The south side section of the island has been extended to include a new walkway which features historic buildings. It also has a nice big hill within it which allows images to be captured from a higher altitude. We walked around for a while and then transferred over to the tram to head west.

Once in the city, we walked further north west towards Levain Bakery. We decided to shoot couples in the park (since there were so many of them). Tania had run out of exposures so we shared my DSLR. We approached Levain to witness a line waiting. We joined the line to purchase our cookies. We then walked towards the Hudson River to eat our cookies. We were greeted by some hungry birds.

After eating our treats we walked along the riverside towards 42 Street. We then took an express train back into reality.