GEVA volleyball tourney at Hunter College

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We [Hunter volleyball players] were required to give at least 1.5 hours of our time to fundraising at Hunter College today. The school was hosting a GEVA tournament which had 10 teams in it. We as players needed to keep track of the score, be line judges, collect money as well as rosters. Most of the players managed to make it, but some didn’t. Guess they will be missing out on the $23 we were refunded for practice shirts.

Aside from the administrative end of things, I enjoyed watching my coach play along with some of his former colleges. His team was stacked. His team effortlessly won the two games I watched them play. I’m almost certain they will make it to the finals bracket. Eric Lodde asked if we would all play volleyball together once we graduated, and without thought we wouldn’t. I’m sure we could manage to get a team together, but it would be difficult. Not only will we need to keep in touch, but we will also need to keep ourselves in a physically stable shape in order to compete on the level we saw today.

After a couple of hours of work, Ray purchased two pizza pies which we all split. Shortly after 2pm, I was paid and then left to see Felix.