We finally beat Baruch

Written by Volleyball

Tonight we are champions. We took three straight stets from Baruch College. At one point in the first set we were leading 16 to 6. This is the first time I have won a game against them. Throughout my three years playing at Hunter College, there were many times we managed to take two sets away from Baruch only to come short and lose the game.

How did we do it? What was different this time? Well, for starters I feel we won because of great defense. There were many times I did not go to the wing to block (since I was stuck blocking the middle), and the back row defense was able to pick up the ball. With all honesty, I also feel that they were missing a lot of key players, and therefore could not pull through (since some players had new roles). Whatever the case may be, we did it! Now, it’s even more important give the same performance if we meet them during CUNY playoffs.

I promised Eric Lodde a cupcake if we won against them, and I’m sticking with it. I also could not think of a better victory post picture. Go Hawks!