Power of music

Written by Leisure / General

I recently stumbled upon a few interesting artists. Though I usually do not fall for many lyrics I hear, I found myself listening to Kreayshawn and Honey Cocaine as soon as I got home from practice. Music has power. There’s nothing like warming up during a the finals of a playoff game, listening to songs you like.

Music carries me through the subway, through designing albums and through tough times. Since I have a habit of getting tried of hearing the same songs twice, I find myself on Last.fm a lot. Writing this post made me recall my days playing Grand Theft Auto listening to Beg For Mercy and The Massacre by G-Unit. Thug life!

I love trying to imitate pop dancing while listening to Dubstep. I loved practicing to music during my freshman season. Currently, I tend to listen to a lot of dance music. Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Bob Sinclair, Kaskade, Deadmau5, and many others are among my current favorite artists. I appreciate the freedom in the music. In most cases, I tend to love the rhythm more than the lyrics. Great headphones amplify the experience (I’m sure many can relate).