My Valentine’s Day gift

Written by Tania

Tania purchased this camera for me for Valentine’s Day. A huge improvement over my Sony Cybershot. For starters, it shoots HD video, has a higher megapixel count, faster review of images, faster focus, and better performance in low light. Since I carry a point and shoot almost everywhere, this will make my task of capturing events much easier and more enjoyable. I will use the Sony camera for risky events (beach, rain, snow) while I use the Canon for everyday general tasks. Thanks babe!

After giving me the gift, we then drove into Long Island to the Merchant Marine Academy. We stopped by the parking lot of Melville Hall and snapped this image. Nothing great for a point and shoot, but the detail in dark areas is much better than it was on my Sony Cybershot. I’ll definitely shoot more with this camera in hand and share my stories. I also plan to show a comparison between the two point-and-shoots.