Something special

Written by Friends, Volleyball

Our loss to NYU left us with a 0-3 record. We started off on the right foot and took the first set from NYU only to fall in the next three. The upset was losing after working hard to maintain a close score. Another upset was an inner team rivalry between two players (Eric and Braien). It began in the third set when Eric “shanked” a pass which gave Braien a kill. Though Braien got a kill he still began a series of exchanged words with Eric. I understand that Braien is a very competitive player, but I don’t think he should carry himself in such a manner.

Many drove home in the van very upset. Ray and Barty, who sat close to each other, hardly said a word to each other. On the other hand, the rear of the van seemed to be very joyful (even with the loss). At times I look at this as a bad thing, but why should we cry over it. Just as Ray tells us to “forget the play and move to the next one”, I feel that we forgot the game and rather thought of the next one. After arriving to hunter Barty and I spoke with Braien and tried to settle things between him and Eric. I think he understood what we were trying to say, and hope he applies it.

The best part was when we grabbed some sandwiches from Subway. We walked in three different groups from hunter, some bought pizza, while others had a sandwich. It was great to see that while eating we all came together. Even with the constant repetition of Elvis jokes every conversation feels like a new one. With Stanley’s impersonation of me and Lodde’s “swang” sentence, things headed in the right direction. I also had a good feeling inside when I saw Barty and Eric Lodde complementing Braien after what had happened earlier in the day.

I’m happy that we go out as we did last year since bonding off the court should help us on it. I’m still waiting on Ming to return on the 26th, as well as Brendan. Even though I’m somewhat happy with their absence (sarcasm-due to van space), I hope to see them with us. Our next game will be in the following week, I’m sure this time we will finish what we start (considering we get better with every game).