Most games are won…

Written by Volleyball

We have our first away game today against NJIT at Rutgers University. We are meeting at 2pm and are scheduled to begin play at 5pm. Our first game (home game against New Paltz) was unsuccessful since we were missing both Ming and Bryan. Considering this is our second game, and with the inclusion of Bryan, we should sweep New Paltz off their feet. I also recall we played them during the Princeton tournament and did reasonably well.

I woke up this morning with a text message from Eric Lodde encouraging me to remind the guys that unity is an essential part of any team. Though most of us get along off the court, on the court, we are not very unified. I will remind the guys that huddling after every point (whether ours or not) is crucial. Yesterday we had discussed a “balls-to-the-walls” strategy. Meaning that we will give it our all from the very first point. I keep reminding myself that this is our year. I feel very confident that we will not loose as many games in 5 sets, nor will we loose many games at all.

I think of it every day in practice. In between drills and stretches I remind myself that this is the court I will win CUNY finals on. I remind myself that this is the year. Though I do get lazy at times, I try to give it my all during practice because I know it will pay off. I know my communication will pay off. I know my diet will pay off. I know my hard work will pay off simply because most games are won before they are played.