All grown up

Written by Friends, Leisure / General

I still recall the uncomfortable showers I would have before I had to put on my ROTC uniform. I remember running into the locker room, sweating profusely, and having to run up the stairs steaming. I remember being nervous during state wide examinations. I remember standing up from my seat every time I had to say something. I remember chocolate milk and soggy pizza for lunch. I remember specialized high school examinations. Though distant, I still remember a lot from my teens.

It was only a few days ago I told Tania I wanted to see a movie because it was “teen like”. Guess those days are gone.

As the first day of classes are approaching, I recollect on all the memories I’ve had. Though freshman year seems like a semester ago, the upcoming semester’s end feels many years away (and it hasn’t started yet).

The images below are from my first auto show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. I recall bringing home bag loads of flyers and free demos (I might still have a few laying around). The image with me in uniform is from my freshman year in Aviation High School (2004). Though time has passed me by, my memories are somewhat concrete, and my arms remain open to what is yet to come.