My twenty-first birthday

Written by Leisure / General, Mom

Turned 21 today. I’m guessing that makes me a fully responsible adult now. I spent most of my day working for a vidographer. Had a 21st birthday party at someones 12th. Free food and music, can’t complain.

Tania later picked me up from Brooklyn, and we headed to Brighton Avenue for some traditional Russian pastries. Cherry filled pastries along with some cabbage and potato ones accompanied us home. My mom had then invited us to dinner to celebrate my birthday.

Unfortunately, I had ruined the night by being dissatisfied by with a surprise gift my mother gave me. As I opened my door and walked into my apartment, I noticed someone had placed some pictures on the wall next to my bed. I guess it was rude of me, but I felt displeased that something was changed in my room. Aside from that I was also disappointed to find out that these prints (8x10s and 5x7s) were made from low resolution files (this meant they were blurry). Another disappointment was the fact that the pictures were not installed well. This had ruined the evening not only for me but for everyone else as well.

While eating I had also gotten into a small argument with Tania as I was trying to explain to her why I was upset. Guess things will get better.