What a day!

Written by Tania

Had a very productive, entertaining and satisfying day today. I began by rudely waking up Felix to return a book I had asked him to lend from his school’s library.

I then headed over to school to fill out some NCAA paperwork. I met up with Brain, Ming, both Eric’s and Jonah. I was somewhat disappointed that not everyone had showed up to the meeting. For some reason I feel that not everyone is taking this season seriously. After filling out the paperwork I accompanied the guys over to Chipotle. I sat and chatted with them while they ate. Shortly after entering Chiptole, Tania had given me a call.

I met up with her near my school. We headed over to Burger Heaven (on Lexington Avenue and 62st) to have Lunch. After a BBQ chicken sandwich we went in search for some sweets. We decided to walk to Crumbs, but stumbled upon something much better along the way. Myzel’s Chocolate caught our eye and shortly after our taste buds. Homemade truffles, chocolate, and love filled cookies were some of what the shop had to offer. We grabbed a 1/2 pound of assorted chocolate and headed down to central pack to munch on what we bought.

After the dessert we walked over to Damrosch Park to watch the Big Apple Circus (my Christmas gift to Tania). We arrived early, but to our benefit since it began raining shortly after. We talked for a bit and then took our seats. Watching the trapeze, and debating about which animals will appear first, Tania and I waited for the show to begin. An Asian acrobatic squad, a magician and an applaud desperate clown were some of what we saw. After the show finished we headed over to the UGG store to buy Tania a new pair of boots.

I was quite surprised when Tania had asked me to go and purchase the boots a week ago. I remember we talked about it many months before, but I was happy she still remembered our plans. I made sure that we discussed which pair she wanted as well as which color she was considering before we walked into the store. Though that did cut a lot of time in the decision process, we were very picky about which pair we purchased. This is because it seemed that many of the pairs we tried on several times. Luckily we found a pair which looked like it hadn’t. After purchasing the shoes we walked downtown through Times Square in search for dinner.

We ended up at Gingers (7th Ave and 37th St.) for some Thai food. I had recommended the Singapore noodles for Tania while I had the Shanghainese Stir-fried Linguini Noodle with Pork. It was so good that I ended up buying my mom some. We arrived back in Jackson Heights roughly around 10pm. Thankfully, the rain which started a few hours earlier was long gone by then. I have to say it was a day very well spent.

Back to the normal life tomorrow. Early mornings, long afternoons working and probably a workout later in the evening. Volleyball season starts on Monday, and I want to make sure I am at a good starting place. Season #3 here I come!