VBLI beach tournament

Written by Friends, Volleyball

Today I played in the last beach VBLI tournament for 2011. Stanley was my partner. Got there at 8:45 and began playing at around 10 due to all the other players getting stuck in traffic. Stan and I placed first in pool play and got a free ride into semifinals. We beat our semifinal team and won the first set to the team we played in the finals. We then lost the last two sets of the day to place second in the tournament. Overall I felt a sense of accomplishment making it to the finals, but was quite sad about loosing seeing as we won the first set 25-13.

I returned home and tried to go for a run. Cramped up, returned home, picked up the film , and headed to get it developed. Gotta wait three days or so to see the results. Arrived home at around 5pm and spent the rest of the day with Tania.