Summer’s last breath

Written by Leisure / General, Nature, Photography

It is the last week before classes begin. Summer has flown by once again. Classes begin on Friday and I am neither physically nor mentally prepared. I planned to go for a walk today after work and actually did. I started out in Jackson Heights and headed west towards Manhattan. I took photos of anything I found to be interesting. I walked through many of my favourite streets in Queens. I then headed up the 59th Street Bridge (now renamed to Ed Koch Bridge). On it I was able to get a great view of queens. I kept walking with and past many other pedestrians and cyclists. I then walked towards Central Park to officially end my summer vacation. I loved walking through the city, and the weather only complemented my joy altogether.

I feel great about the pictures. I have to admit to loving the diversity in my images. One more first is the fact that I shot all these images in full manual mode. Which are my favorite? Images 3, 7 and the featured image are my favorite. I especially love image 7. This is due to the fact that when looking at the top and bottom of the image separately one would not think that they go together. The featured image is loved for its color and reflection of the sky in the lenses.