August 2011 – Campoutkid
Time mangement

Time mangement

All classes beginning earlier than 2:30pm were cancelled today. I woke up and felt out of place. Working all summer long made me accustomed to a routine. I felt like I always had something to do. Now that

Aftermath of hurricane Irene

Aftermath of hurricane Irene

Preparation for hurricane Irene was overwhelming. Many restaurants boarded their windows, vehicle owners taped their windows, and everyone stoked up on food. Was NYC over prepared due to the accusations

Summer's last breath

Summer’s last breath

It is the last week before classes begin. Summer has flown by once again. Classes begin on Friday and I am neither physically nor mentally prepared. I planned to go for a walk today after work and actually

Fist preseason tournament

Fist preseason tournament

I tried to sign the team up for the first preseason tournament at Baruch College on September 25th. Unfortunately all A slots were full so I was forced to sign up in the BB bracket. During recreational

Lifting weights ... again

Lifting weights … again

I stated lifting weights a couple of days ago. I lift roughly four times a week. Since the summer running plan did not go as planned, I thought I would merged it with weight training. I cleaned the gym,

The good ol' days

The good ol’ days

Today, Felix and I went out to play basketball. We then drove around queens. We drove by the offices of Steinway and Sons, and the house the original owner lived in. We then stopped by for watermelon and