Roosevelt Island Tram

Written by Leisure / General, Tania

As promised, I took Tania to go for a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tram. After arriving on the island we took a stroll up its western edge. Some time passed and we decided to head south to the Tram. That was when we saw the old Tram cars hidden under the bridge on the island. I quickly changed lenses, took some shots and we kept walking.

We then get to the tram and board it. Luckily we managed to grab some seats and enjoy the 5 minute ride across the East River. The view was quite scenic. I had ridden on the tram quite a while back, but it was in the day time. During the night the city looks wonderful from such heights. We get off the tram and head east towards Central Park stopping at the Yankee Clubhouse Shop to take a picture.

I then asked Tania if we could walk to the Ferrari dealership to take some shots. She agreed. We grabbed a quick snack and headed towards 5th Avenue. Afterwards we walked to 53st to take the train back home.